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  • Photo Shoot: The Ladies of Kihnu Island

    Since the men of Kihnu are gone to sea for lengthy times to fish, the women run the island and became the guardians of the island's fascinating cultural heritage, which includes rhythmic dances, hand made crafts, and music. ...

  • iTinerary: An Estonian Road Trip

    A drive time of a little over an hour takes travelers to the car ferry to Kihnu--in 2003 the island was included by UNESCO in the list of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. ...

  • 8Great: The City of Tallinn

    Tallinn is a beautiful town in Estonia, boasting a walled medieval town, which melds into a contemporary walking city outside the walls...

  • Let’s END IT!

    The movement started with the simple idea to draw a “Red X” on your hand to spark conversation, and has grown into a global phenomenon. ...

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