Say NO to bedbugs with this new app

Say NO to bedbugs with this new app

Say NO to bedbugs

Say NO to bedbugs

As soon as I mention to someone that I am a journalist (and on the road about 200 days a year), I get their rundown on cool apps they have heard about that help out travelers. Some are not as viable for me to use while others are a great addition to my phone.

Carlos, an exterminator I recently interviewed for a travel piece, happened to mention an app that he uses, when he has to get rid of nasty bedbugs and report on the location. It’s from a website called The Bed Bug Registry (bedbug

Besides professional exterminators (who report bed bug infestations to this registry), the public can log on and report an infestation as well. You can also download their mobile app, and click away to see where a bedbug infestation has been and report it from the road.

So, what does this mean for road warriors like me, families looking to book their next holiday spot, or that fun getaway with friends in the planning? It means that have information that helps to give us choices where to book our next hotel stay

A few other notes I took away from my time with Carlos. When checking into a hotel, whether on the bedbug registry or not, you can simply ask the front desk if:

A. Have they had a bedbug infestation in the last 6 months? (Most states make this law and
they are obliged to tell you).
B. Inquire about which rooms may have been infested, and when it happened?
C. Simply request a room that has not been affected in the past.

If, by chance, you happen upon a room that has bedbugs, report it to the hotel manager immediately. Then switch rooms, or hotels, and use your app to report the room and hotel that has the infestation.

A couple of my tricks.

– Always investigate a room for cleanliness before agreeing to take the room.
– Never put luggage, clothes, anything fabric, shoes on the floor. Use Luggage racks,
hang clothes, and for shoes use the top shelf of the closet.
– Bring doTerra Lavender oil with you and use it on sheets and your body at bedtime.
Repels bedbugs with the scent. (You can find doTerra products online. I get mine
– Upon returning home. Leave the luggage in the garage, and takeout clothing there and wash
immediately. Bedbugs like to hitch a ride. Spray luggage with lavender or OFF bug spray.